Developing Capacity for Health Systems Research in East and Central Africa

Course Objective

The aim of this short course is to equip participants with appropriate and practical skills and knowledge for designing and conducting health systems research inquiries, HSR evidence generation and synthesis, communication and knowledge translation, and stakeholder engagement.

Module 1: Principles and Designs

Introduction to Health Systems Research.

Professional and Research Ethics in Health systems Research

Module2: Generation, interpretation & use of evidence

Designs and approaches in Health Systems Research

Techniques for generating and interpreting Health system research data and information

Module 3: Translating, packaging and communicating Evidence

Evidence Based decision making in Policy and Programming

Communicating Health Systems Research Evidence

Fees & how to apply

  • Applicants will be required to submit a statement of a research issue/problem and demonstrate interest in advancing this concept note into a full research project during the training and to implement it after training
  • A structured form detailing the components and format will be provided to the applicant, which will also be available on-line.
  • Applicants from all countries are encouraged to apply
  • Applications should be sent wither online to, or hand delivered to the Office of the Dean, Makerere University School of Public Health, Mulago Campus